Green Power

Design Thinking about Entromorphy

Enteromorpha is a fast reproductive algae. In order to prevent families from suffering from the outbreak of Enteromorpha, I design a series of products. Enteromorpha Harvester can timely and efficiently collect Enteromorpha in small size water area. Household Composter can compost organic wastes with Enteromorpha collected, and produce solid fertilizer and soilless culture nutrient solution. Soilless Culture Module can be freely combined into soilless culture appliance, and apply nutrient solution produced by Family Composter to it. Besides, I introduce the concept of future eco-life. I connect nutrient solution network to family electric grid, so that plants can receive nutrition from sockets and appliance’s ports.

Party or Workshop

When he holds party or workshop, he can raise more lifting modules as the combination of tables and chairs, the operating table of the kitchen can also be extended into the courtyard so that can accommodate more people to cook and communicate.

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