Balloon Lamp

In the context of developing technology and the Internet of Things, there are more possible ways for products and users to interact. So I come up with a new interacting method for luminaire: blowing, and I devise a balloon lamp which can be controlled by an app.

Users blow on the app from apart, the balloon lampshade will become bigger and brighter; stroke the balloon on the screen, the lampshade become smaller and darker. There is a balloon mall in the app where users can purchase lampshade in other shapes and colors.

1.Power on the balloon light and connect it with

  WLAN. The indicator light at the bottom will blink.

2.Pull down the outer sleeve and protrude the head.

3.Install the balloon in the base.

4.Restore the outer sleeve.

Main Interface

There is an app matching with the balloon light. It has red and white colors, giving people a warm, bright and tidy feeling.