Dong Liu is from Beijing, China. He graduated from the University of the Arts Berlin in 2019 with a Master’s degree in Product Design. In his design process, he focuses on thinking about society, culture, and the future, and tries to combine new technologies in his creations. He currently lives in Berlin and has set up his own studio.



09.2016 – Beijing Design Week: Ming style furniture restoration

02.2018 – Alien Encounter: The connection of things.

07.2018 – UdK Rundgang 2018: External Memories, Beta-ton.

07.2019 – UdK Rundgang 2019: Ghost Buster, Elasti-ply, HUMANAMUH.

10.2019 – We are in this together(Designtransfer): HUMANAMUH

10.2019 – Berlin Design Week: HUMANAMUH

10.2019 – Reshape Exhibition 2019: PUT ID ON

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