Smoke Sprayer

The two elements of color and smoke remind me of Holi, an Indian traditional festival. On that day, the Indian people splash one another with non-toxic colored powder. Therefore, everyone meets the arrival of spring with bright colors. This Indian festival gives me the idea of a colored smoke sprayer, which can be hold by people to spray colorful smoke when they chase after each other.

Introduction of Process

1. Open the laser sight and equip the cartridge clip with colored powder.
2. Press the button to unlock and then unfold the handle.Show the air flow rate, user-friendly access to the current state.
3. Turn the handle quickly and spurt the colored powder. And then users can splash and chase after each other.

Super Mode!

Super Mode is a special mode for colored smoke sprayer, similar to the “Unique Skill” in game. When the Super Mode starts, the sprayer uses compressed air tank to offer more powerful airflow instead of hand-rotating impeller. At the time, the sprayer can have a wider emission range.
1. Equip the smoke sprayer with compressed air tank.e air flow rate, user-friendly access to the current state.
2. Press the red button on the front handle.
3. Start Super Mode!