Balloon Boom

Watch, Expect, Countdown and Cheer. In our impression, the cross-year party is composed of such elements. But in fact, the ritual cross-year behavior only can bring us brief joy. In China, people will also set off fireworks in the New Year Eve. For this reason, I designed a final product, containing all the elements of fireworks. Meanwhile, it can give us longer joy than cross-year countdown. Let’s first imagine a explosion of balloon.


When the balloon full of colored powder is punctured from one side, the majority of the powder will spurt from that side.

Technical problem:
How to fill the balloon with colored powder when blowing it?

Design a device, which can make the air flow through a container filled with colored powder while blowing the balloon.

Experimental method:
1.Blow the balloon.
2. Push the balloon towards the needle of the device and puncture it.
3. Collect data.
4. Observe the flight track and drop point of the colored powder in the balloon.
5. Analyze the data.


It shows that more colored powder dropped at the punctured side of the balloon. For this reason, my guess is right. And my idea to add competitive element to the game of blowing balloon can be practical.

Concept development

After the experiment verification, my idea was confirmed. And I designed a game device to blow balloon. The users blow balloon through pump. The balloon will become bigger and bigger under cooperation until it explodes. During that period, the faster user can make the balloon far away from him. As result, he is safer because that balloon is closer to the player opposite him.