At the beginning of the semester, we did a lot of research and gave a presentation. After a mind map, I found my direction: controllable destruction. Grada consists of many layers of veneer, if you are not careful when bending, a crack may appear. But it inspires me: can I achieve jumping as an elastic structure? Then I started my experiment. I made the elastic structure using the “two-time heating” method. Put the material in the oven and heat it at 140 degrees for 10 minutes. Then you put it on a positive shape and press. The greater the curvature of the shape, the greater the offset between the veneers, the greater the jumping. After the first heating, the ends of the bent material should be fixed to prevent further displacement between the veneers. Finally, the material is heated again at 140 degrees for 7 minutes. Then you separate the middle part. Every two layers of veneer are a group. The fibers should align in two directions. For the use I made an outdoor chair and a wall module. The elastic structure is very interesting as a backrest. The user can interact and play with it.