senses in food


It is agreed that taste is the most significant part of the food by most people. Other senses are thought to have less to do with the food, or just the bringing the taste to the fore. Yet these thought limits the exploration of the flavour of food. The project focuses on the meaning and possibilities of the smell and auditory during having meals and offers people a brand new experience approach to bring the enjoyment of the food under the assistance with those two sorts of senses.

In cooperation with Bian Wu


Smell is more important than taste

Although without the support of accurate data, general studies hold that sense of smell accounts for at least 80 percent of food’s flavour. Moreover, people can distinguish far more sense of smell than taste sense. The recent research even states that human beings can distinguish hundreds of millions of smells.

Analysis of Prensent Situation

In existing cooking methods, most methods that provide smell are the combination of flavorings and food. But it may affect our experience of eating.

Concept Development

According to the research, I have found that the approach, which mixes the smell and food in advance, brings many troubles to people. Thus I determine to create a fresh mode to separate the smell and food to satisfy the people’s multiple needs. This approach requires a production that can store materials with smells and can release the smell when needed.


We finally choose a elegant way to perfect the experience of the sense of smell in the existing process of eating. People tend to put the forefinger on the tableware, which can keep the cylinder full so that the influence of people’s action can be mitigated. While after the investigation, we find that this design greatly perfects the experience of eating as well as solve our pervious problems.


The Outcome of Auditory

The current auditory experience such as sodcasting or wearing headset cannot satisfy the individual customized service without certain interruption during meal. Yet the bone conduction tableware can make those two points. The bone conduction tableware has little limitation with surroundings and it won’t interrupt others. The music set in advance can bring various enjoyment while having different dishes.
As people are digging out the more possbilities of food in senses, the richer smells may replace the sauces, and the music choose will be on the menu eventually.

Experiment with Bone Conduction Technology

Bone conduction technology eliminates the discomfort of wearing headphones at the same time will not affect others. And the technique is also applied to some devices which are placed into mouth.

We create a set of simple sound playing device by using a power amplifier, small oscillator, data cable and power cable, and finally connect fork as the media of broadcasting sound.

After the play of music, the sound that comes out from the mouth is clear. It can be felt in the handle, which can be solved through wrapping some materials like rubber.

New Possibility

We believe that with the development of science and the further rich of material life, people will begin to dig out more possibility of “eating” in different senses. Richer odor collocation may replace the sauces while the music choose will be on the menu eventually.